SNUB23 CRUSHED The Junk Yard Jam 2019


We smashed it, quite literally, at Urban Artistry’s Junk Yard Jam In Crewe.

We were in our element on the Junk Yard. Surrounded by filth, rust and smashed up electronics and cars. The junk yard felt like a dystopian cyber wasteland which fitted our style perfectly, we had to take advantage and paint as many beautifully gnarly surfaces as we could.

We woke up bright and early on the day of the jam as we were eager to get started. The first thing we painted was a 6 wheel fibreglass Mini Bus. We started by throwing buckets water over the Van and painting it as the water dripped off to give  a distressed background. On top of this we painted a SNUB Robot and Orange Isometric Cubes.

Next we painted an old metal drum which was inside one of the Junk Yard Jam warehouses. The drum was covered in rust, peeling paint at massive dents. Everyone was confused as to why we wanted to paint something so awkward and messed up, but to us it was perfect.

We painted the drum with SNUB23’s Iconic Robot and Red Isometric cubes. Then to make the whole piece feel like it had always been painted like that we took a scouring pad to the whole thing and scratched off the paint to reveal the beautiful rusty textures underneath.

Our final piece at Urban Artistry’s Junk Yard Jam excluding a few cheeky ISO’s hidden in places was a giant metal box. We have no idea what this was originally but it had the perfect rust surface which we utilised to our advantage and only painted the outline of the SNUB Robot so it looked like the rusty metal was the surface of the robot.

Oh we forgot to mention one thing… Once we had finished painting them… They CRUSHED them!

Check out the epic videos below.

SNUB Junk Yard Jam 2019 Van Crush

SNUB23 Metal Drum CRUSHED Junk yard Jam 2019

We cannot thank the Junk Yard Jam Guys enough for their incredible hospitality and general greatness. We had the best time.

We also have to thank Graff City and Kobra Paint as always for supplying us with paint.

Other great artist who painted alongside us who you should also check out are:



Peter Sheridan

Jay Sharples

This Ones Art

To find out more about the Junk Yard Jam and Urban Artistry you can find everything here:

Junk Yard Jam Instagram

Urban Artistry Website

The Incredible Junk Yard Man Himself

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